School Evaluation for Parents – 2021-22

School Evaluation for Parents - 2021-22

  • School Evaluation for Parents - 2021-22

    Dear M5C Families, this has been another non-traditional year due to Covid. So we have revised our survey because we were not able to hold our usual school events where parents attend (parent classroom observations/conferences so parents get a sense of classroom curriculum and how their child interacts with the materials, teachers, and other children at school).

    Additionally, parents were not able to attend most school events which help build community between teachers/families/administration and other M5C families. So we will just ask a few questions to get your overall picture of the year, given the operational difficulties due to Covid.

  • AgreeSomewhat AgreeDisagreeNot Applicable
    1. My child enjoyed and benefitted from his/her experience at M5C
    2. M5C took all the precautions to make sure all the children were safe in this pandemic year.
    3. M5C has a supportive, effective, learning environment for my child.
    4. M5C classrooms and outdoor areas are well-maintained and create a child centered environment.
    5. The extra-curricular activities like gymnastics and soccer are fun and challenging for my child.
  • Strongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeDisagreeNot Applicable
    6. The Administration was knowledgeable and able to answer my questions via phone calls, emails or meetings, in a timely manner.
    7. Communication about school activities and events was clear and accessible.
    8. The administration was forthcoming with COVID related information.
    9. The School followed COVID protocols and maintained a healthy environment.
  • Strongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeDisagreeNot Applicable
    10. My child’s teachers are warm, caring and respectful.
    11. My child’s teacher provided individual goals and objectives for my child.
    12. My child’s teacher regularly communicated with me about my child’s performance and progress
    13. The class curriculum is developmentally appropriate.
    14. The curriculum is interesting and challenging to each child in the classroom.
  • We appreciate you taking the time to complete this evaluation. Please do not hesitate to contact Martha or Meher with any constructive suggestions to improve the Program.

    We would greatly appreciate you posting any positive feedback on, yahoo yellow pages, our google business listing or other social media locations. Thanks for spreading the good word about your child’s school!